It’s evident that having quality backlinks is one of the key signs of your website’s credibility and authority. Because of this, businesses need to learn how to outsource link building if they do not have an in-house expert who can do this. In fact, it’s common for most businesses to outsource link building, as revealed in a 2022 survey conducted by a reputable digital marketing research firm.  Alongside your expertise and knowledge, link building takes time and effort that you may not have the liberty to perform. This is where outsourcing comes in.

What is Outsource Link Building

Outsource link building is the process of engaging another professional or a link building agency to carry out your website link building tasks. Since outsource link building can be costly, it may affect your budget if you do not have a link-building expert on your team. Outsourcing link-building services is, therefore, less risky and more rewarding. But before you know what is outsource link building, it’s essential to put the right foundations in place.

Best Way To Outsource Link Building?

If you’ve been carrying building services alone, it might seem you can continue doing this without any issues. While this is quite possible, knowing the best way to outsource link building services is essential. So, how do you know when the right time is? Here are a few questions to ponder before contacting a link-building company for link-building services:

Do You Want To Build Links Faster

If you are looking to build links faster, you need to contact an agency that’s fully dedicated to building links. Since the agencies have a ton of relationships with websites from which they can get links, they can help you obtain a lot of natural links very quickly. Natural links are those that are acquired without any manipulation or payment, and they are highly valued by search engines. So, if you are ready to obtain as many links as your budget can accommodate, it’s advisable to hire a link building agency. 

Are You Tired of Using the House Team?

Are you currently using your in-house team to build links? Whether you are just starting or want to move your business to the next level, hiring someone and paying them that much for link building is best. When dealing with a company that can provide services for all budgets, you’ll save a lot and build links with less stress and strain.

Do You Want to Boost Your Current Process?

Outsourcing link-building is the best if you want to complement what you’re doing and boost your current process. If, for instance, you are carrying out ecommerce link building, you can look for an outreach service to handle all of the outreach; while you concentrate on doing that, you can do your best, like creating content and email copy. 

Why Should You Use Outsource Link Building Services?

You might be questioning the need to outsource link building services. As a website manager or a business owner, you might feel it’s unnecessary to delegate your link building to an agency. However, there are several compelling reasons why outsourcing link building can benefit your website’s success. For instance, outsourcing can free up your time to focus on other business aspects, provide access to specialized expertise, and potentially lead to faster and more effective link-building results.

Lack of Enough Experience

Link building can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the experience. With the ever-changing world of SEO, a multifaceted thing such as link building can be difficult to effect, manage and evaluate regularly. For instance, checking things such as relevance, domain authority, and link diversification can be overwhelming if you have several other things to do in your business. The best thing to do is hire a reliable link-building agency to do the work for you.

Lack of Resources

Whether working alone or with a team, you might need more link-building experts to help you with your link-building efforts. Link building also involves investing much money and time to achieve the expected results. If you don’t have enough resources, it’s best to outsource your link-building services. If you outsource link building, all of these concerns go away. 

You Want to Focus Elsewhere

If you’re managing all the aspects of your business alone, you might not have enough time to carry out link-building activities. By outsourcing link-building services, you can free up your time so you can commit to doing things that can make your business grow. These activities include keeping up on algorithm changes, SEO trends, updates, and traffic data and analytics. 

Your Current Efforts Aren’t Effective

If you’ve been running link-building campaigns and achieved very little success, then perhaps it’s time to outsource the services. By outsourcing to the right agency, you’ll build links fast and gain a lot with your SEO efforts.

How to Outsource Link Building for Agency: 6 Simple Steps

Although you can outsource link building for agency, if it’s not done right, you might fail to achieve your desired results. Here are the key steps you need to follow to outsource link building like a pro;

Step 1: Check if Your Website Is Ready

Outsourcing link-building services provides a solid foundation for your website. Before embarking on the outsourcing process, you must review your website to confirm whether it’s ready for this process. 

First, you must know how link building aligns with your overall SEO strategy and objectives. You must also review your website content and pinpoint areas that require link-building services. Additionally, you need to assess your website authority and compare it with your competitors and industry standards.

Step 2: Learn About the Link Building

Learning about link building can also help you know the expected outcome of your agency. You don’t have to be a specialist to understand link building. Some key factors to consider include the domain authority websites and the relevance of link building to your niche. It’s also important to differentiate between low-quality and valuable links from reliable sources.

Step 3: Consider Your Budget

When it comes to outsourcing link-building services, budget consideration is pivotal. It would help if you determined your allocation by considering your available budget and desired income level. It’s also essential to explore the pricing plans of different outsourcing agencies, including managed link-building plans and one-off link purchases. Ensure you understand cost outreach, content creation, placement fees, and strategy development.

Step 4: Pick The Right Agency

Once you know your budget, you must pick a suitable outsourcing partner based on your preferences and requirements. You can always use platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to hire a company or individual link builders. You can also partner with reliable link-building agencies offering services based on your needs. To ensure quality, assess potential outsourcing agencies’ expertise, track record, and reputation.

Step 5: Choose the Appropriate Service

Since link-building companies usually provide several services, choosing a service type that best aligns with your link-building objectives and budget is essential. You can opt for managed link-building plans involving long-term partnerships with agencies for comprehensive strategies and ongoing support. You can also choose per-link plans and buy individual links. Don’t forget to evaluate the benefits and limitations of each service before making the final decision.

Step 6: Engage With Link Building Services

Finally, you need to engage with a link-building company and initiate the link-building. Make sure you collaborate closely with individual freelancers or agencies to define goals, preferences, and timelines. You must also provide requirements such as content assets, necessary insights, and guidance to facilitate effective link-building campaigns. Moreover, you must review the outcomes, monitor the progress and maintain open communication to ensure the strategies align with your objectives.

Types of Companies Which Outsource SEO Link Building Services

Outsourcing link building is prevalent, especially for businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings or website visibility. Here are different types of companies which outsource SEO link building services:

Digital Marketing Agencies

While digital marketing agencies may have established marketing departments, outsourcing link-building services may allow them to scale their efforts or tackle specific link-building campaigns without overburdening their in-house team. With this approach, they can remain flexible and respond well to the market dynamics.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Companies

Outsourcing link-building services can significantly help SaaS companies increase brand awareness, improve search engine rankings, and attract traffic. By acquiring backlinks from reputable sources, these companies can establish themselves as leaders and attract more qualified leads.

Content Publishers

Websites with published content, such as news sites, blogs, and online magazines, can also outsource link building to boost their visibility and reach. With quality backlinks, these sites can drive more traffic and increase their overall website authority.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises may outsource their link-building services to freelancers or specialized agencies. By outsourcing their link-building services, they’ll access professional services without investing in training or hiring full-time employees.


Since startups prioritize establishing their online presence and attracting traffic, they can significantly benefit from link outsourcing link building by focusing on their core business activities while allowing experts to handle their link-building. This way, they can boost their website visibility and credibility in the competitive markets.

E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses and online retailers can also outsource link-building services to boost their search engine rankings, improve their website’s rankings, and attract more traffic. 

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Outsource Backlinks

Some red flags that you need to be aware of when you outsource backlinks include;

  • Lack of transparency: Avoid sources that are not transparent about their target websites and strategies, as open communication builds trust.
  • Lack of reporting and analytics: Since any credible link-building service should provide you with reports, you must avoid those lacking transparency in reporting.
  • Guarantees of quick results: Avoid link-building services promising fast results, as acquiring quality backlinks requires a long-term approach.
  • Low-quality or irrelevant links: Be aware of services offering low-quality links that can harm your search engine rankings and credibility.
  • Effective communication: Effective communication is essential, so you must avoid inadequate support services.
  • Unethical practices: Avoid services that buy links or use manipulative tactics to protect your website from penalties that harm your reputation.

By watching out for these red flags, you can pick a reliable link-building service that matches your goals and helps maintain a robust online presence.


Outsourcing link building offers a strategic approach to boost your website or business visibility and improve your scratch banking. By partnering with qualified agencies or professionals, you can save time and access essential networks to acquire high-quality backlinks. Link building allows you to focus on your core activities so that other professionals can undertake the delicate link-building task. With this actionable guide, we’ve outlined a systematic approach to outsourcing link building and empowering you to make informed decisions to maximize your SEO efforts.

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