Link building and quality content are still among the most crucial factors in SEO campaigns; hence, they can’t be ignored. Acquiring high-quality backlinks can move you to the top of your search ranking, increase organic traffic, and boost your conversion rates. In fact, 92% of marketers believe links will be a significant factor in Google’s algorithm in the next five years.  

What Is SEO Link Building For SaaS?

Link building plays a very important role in Google’s website ranking algorithm, with 84.39% of SEO experts claiming that it significantly impacts brand authority. As a fundamental aspect of SEO, link building enhances your website’s visibility on search engine results pages if you acquire them from reputable websites within the same industry.

This process involves finding relevant domains and persuading them to feature your website on their site so you can get backlinks. Also known as the fourth pillar of SEO, link building can greatly improve your website’s search engine rankings and SEO performance. 

But Why is SaaS link Building Crucial for SEO?

  • SaaS link building can help boost your credibility, making website visitors more likely to trust your brand.
  • Since Google uses backlinks to determine your ranking, getting high-quality backlinks is very important.
  • Link building can lead to mentions on various websites, drive additional traffic to your site, and expand your outreach.
  • Quality backlinks can improve your domain authority and the chances of ranking your website highly.
  • Backlinks can lead to higher rankings and increased organic traffic to your website.
  • Strategically placed links can direct high-intent traffic to your site, generating more leads that convert into sales.
  • Through link building, you can reach diverse niches and multiple websites.
  • Link building can help you establish relationships with stakeholders and allow mutual marketing endeavors, such as promoting webinars on partner networks.
  • SaaS link building can help boost your brand’s credibility on reputable domains, bolstering recognition and trustworthiness.

How Long Does it Take for SaaS Link Building to Enhance a Site’s Ranking?

If your site is new, expecting to rank within a month is unrealistic. To know the timelines, you must identify the domains and collect the results from the first two pages for each target keyword. Next, you can conduct a backlink audit to establish a benchmark and understand the required effort level.

What Types of Links Do You Need?

Dofollow links from reputable websites are essential, but you need to target relevant websites and avoid using the wrong links, which may lead to penalties. To find authoritative domains, conduct a backlink audit and make a list of potential targets. Next, use platforms like social media to find contact details.

How to Assess Domain Rating

To check your website’s domain rating, you can use tools such as Ahrefs Website Authority Checker or Moz’s Free Domain SEO Analysis Tool. You can also use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and dwell time.

Where to Position Your Links

Ideally, you should place relevant anchor texts near the top of an article. You can also place the subheadings in prominent locations to attract reader attention and increase click-through rates.

Implementing Link Building Techniques

Implementing link building techniques or incorporating link building into your content marketing strategy normally leads to higher chances of success. To rank your site and secure valuable clicks, you need to develop a robust link building plan. Here are two simple ways to achieve the goal:

  • Carry out a link reclamation initiative: Link reclamation initiative involves fixing broken links by replacing them with working links or redirecting them to the relevant content page. This campaign is essential as studies indicate that 18% of links lead readers to irrelevant pages or 404 pages, resulting in a poor user experience. 
  • Rectifying Broken Links on Your Site: This process involves using tools such as Deepcrawl or Screaming Frog to identify broken links, redirect them, or create them anew if necessary. It’s advisable to contact the web editor to replace the link if feasible. 

Now that you understand the importance of link building for SaaS, let’s explore the various SaaS link building tips:

Guest Posting Contributions For SaaS Link Building

SaaS link building using guest posting allows you to get high-quality backlinks from authoritative SaaS websites. While previously, guest posting involved just googling sites, looking for guest posts, and submitting 400 or 500-word articles to the sites, it has since transformed into submitting content to high-quality websites to help with SaaS link building or dofollow and nofollow links. This not only exposes you to a vast audience but also boosts your site’s ranking, authority, and traffic. According to Authority Hacker,  64.9% of website owners currently use guest posting as their primary tactic to get links.

You, therefore, need to research and identify reputable SaaS websites that align with your target audience and inquire whether they accept guest posts. The best way is to make a list of all the sites you’ve researched and review their guest posting guidelines to understand their content requirements and submission process. Next, you’ll want to create a list of topics that indicate your expertise resonates with the website audience. Make sure you provide valuable information and actionable insights that can help the websites or blogs.

Finally, pitch to the editor, blog owner, or content manager and wait for feedback. If you get positive feedback, start creating your guest post. Ensure it’s informative, well-outlined, and aligned with the business goals. You can use studies, data, and examples to support your writing. You can include one internal link to your website if this is applicable.

Use Resource Pages As SaaS Link Building Services

Acquiring links from resource pages is one of the most powerful SaaS link building services for boosting your SaaS website. As curated collections of tools or valuable information that people love to read, resource pages can help you build high-quality links that make your website rank. For instance, a resource page on computer devices might include links from blogs, valuable tools, blogs, and websites related to computer devices. 

Recent studies done by SEMRush found that obtaining backlinks from resource pages or social media is one of the most effective link-building strategies. To get high-quality links from these pages, you first need to create high-quality content that stands out and contact the website owners with a pitch while focusing on the value your site will bring to their business. Provided you have link-worthy content on your site, you only need to look for high-authority resource pages in your niche and request a link. So, how do you find these pages? Well, some of the search queries you can use to find these pages include;

  • [your niche] intitle: links
  • [your niche] inurl: roundup
  • [your niche] inurl: resources
  • [your niche] “helpful links”
  • [your niche]” useful resources”

By strategically using links from resource pages, you can attract potential customers and establish your SaaS business as trustworthy.

Claim Unlinked Mentions For SaaS Backlinks

Also known as brand mentions, unlinked mentions are textual references to your website, name, or anything directly related to your site that doesn’t link back to your site. If you are successful in turning unlinked mentions into valuable SaaS backlinks, you’ll get the best links for your business. Since this is a proactive approach, it can boost your website’s visibility and authority, providing your website visitors with easy access to your SaaS products and services.

You can use tools such as Mention, Google Alerts, and Brand24 to identify the unlinked mentions of your brand or your SaaS brand across the web. Once you’ve identified the mentions, you can check instances where the mentions don’t have any hyperlinks back to the website. You can then make a list of these mentions and contact the websites that mention your brand by linking them. You’ll also want to ask them for a backlink profile to your site politely. 

You can also suggest to them the most relevant page or a specific anchor text on your website to link. Since acquiring these links is not easy, you may need to convince them to provide you with a link back. The best way to go about it is to go to Ahrefs Content Explorer and;

  • Type your website and brand, then search only for “in content” results.
  • Set the filters in language, DR, and more
  • Add your domains URL and highlight the results 

Guest Podcasting Link Building For SaaS

Guest podcasting is another practical link building for SaaS strategy that can help you improve the visibility of your business and boost your overall strategy. According to Outreach Monks, there are over 2 million active podcasts worldwide with over 48 million episodes, making it one of the best strategies. The first step is to identify the podcast while referring to your target audience or SaaS niche target audience and then make a list of the ones with several subscribers.

You can then listen to them to understand what they cover depending on the content they cover and prepare a pitch to the owners. Ensure that your pitch is engaging and personalized for the particle podcast owners. Once you’ve introduced yourself as an expert in SaaS, suggest topics that align with the podcast audience and theme. 

After your pitch is accepted, create content with valuable tips, actionable insights, and industry trends that provide expertise and unique perspectives that can help the podcast audience. You can also participate as a guest in webinars or other podcasts in your industry and include a link back to your website during your introduction bio, which can generate traffic and potential backlinks.

When done well, guest podcasting can help you showcase your expertise, earn backlinks, reach a broader audience, and develop meaningful relationships in the industry. Remember that this link-building strategy can only succeed if you provide valuable content and actionable insights. 

Competitive Collaboration and Backlinks for SaaS Companies

Collaborative link building refers to combining resources and opportunities with other markets and bloggers by allowing links to each other’s sites, making it among the best ways to get backlinks for SaaS companies. By collaborating with other websites, you can significantly benefit from their connections and networks and get backlinking opportunities back to your website. While marketing someone else’s business may appear counterproductive, competitive collaboration and exchanges offer several benefits. You may not be ready to make competitors full-time partners, but you can gradually ask for backlinks once they’ve warmed up to you.

First, you need to reach out to your competition to ask them whether you can collaborate in link building. Once you’ve decided to collaborate with the websites, you must be ready to follow their rules. For instance, they may ask you to create and post content related to their products or include backlinks in your landing pages. When looking for a website or companies to collaborate with, you must be very careful by only selecting sites from a similar niche or relevant content. You can use a LinkedIn automation tool to get backlinks from marketing, sales, or recruitment-related websites. Start by having clear objectives, then create a keyword strategy to ensure complete optimization of all the websites. Simply put, you need to approach a SaaS website for a backlink on a particular content or website and then place their link on your website to return the favor.

Use HARO to Help With Link Building for SaaS Companies

You can use HARO or Help a Reporter Out for high-quality link building for SaaS companies. HARO is basically a platform that connects journalists with industry experts like you. In fact, 46.3% of link builders and website owners reported using HARO as one of their link-building strategies. The way it works is that you reach out to industry-relevant journalists directly to earn backlinks across high-authority news sites and other digital platforms.

First, you’ll want to visit HARO so you can receive notifications from potential journalists. Next, you need to respond to the queries, and if your answer is accepted, you acquire quality backlinks. You can choose topics such as automated marketing and A/B testing in link building for companies if they align with your SaaS platform. As one of the platforms to get those high-quality links, HARO link building can help you get thousands of links that could have otherwise cost you a lot of cash.

Other SaaS link-building tips include;

  • Developing linkable assets: Focus on creating in-depth articles with unique insights for your audience. You can use statistics, guides, glossaries, pillar-cluster content, expert roundups, and thought leadership articles.
  • Running a PR campaign: Run a PR campaign to boost your brand awareness while offering valuable stories that can lead to positive coverage.
  • Offer freebies for links: Offer free products and services in exchange for mentions and backlinks.
  • Implementing the stolen images strategy: Look for websites using your images without permission and request proper credit with a backlink to your site.
  • Leverage integrations with other tools: Encourage integrations with other products to boost your outreach and earn backlinks from their websites.
  • Pursue links from educational institutions: Partner with education institutions to provide value and earn backlinks in return.
  • Participate in case studies and give testimonials: Give testimonials and participate in case studies to earn backlinks.
  • Engage in conferences, webinars, and podcasts: Participate in online events to increase your brand exposure and earn backlinks.


SaaS link-building strategies are crucial in boosting your website traffic and developing trust. By using these tips and with the right approach, you can position your brand as a significant player and attract more people. But doing this requires the right tools and tons of work. Since link building is an ongoing process, it’s best if you start with simple strategies and then tailor them to your unique business needs. This way, you’ll increase your website’s traffic and build a solid online presence for your SaaS website.

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