Did you know the online betting industry is expected to grow by $150 billion by 2027? This growth rate means the industry is massive, so its backlinks can help you attract traffic and rank high on the search results. By combining relevance and volume, casino backlinks can help you design an effective plan for your link-building efforts. While building backlinks and getting your website on top of search results is daunting, you can achieve your goals and fuel online success with the right approach.

This article focuses on:

  • What gambling and casino link building entails
  • Strategies for building backlinks for online casino gambling websites
  • Key tips for achieving link-building success in this industry

What Does Casino Backlinks Building Entail

Simply put, casino backlinks building involves acquiring links from other casino websites that direct traffic to your site. You can acquire these links by convincing website owners to include links to your casino on their own sites. Some of the reasons for casino link building include:

  • Improving search engine ranking.
  • Increasing traffic.
  • Boosting brand awareness.
  • Expanding reach.
  • Converting visitors to customers.
  • Generating high-quality backlink profiles.

Challenges in Building Links to Gambling Sites

  • Gambling restrictions in the industry
  • Negative perception of the gambling activities
  • Fierce competition and high budget in the industry

Ethics of Casino Link Building

While there are ethical link building strategies, the competitive nature of the industry may encourage website owners to use spammy or manipulative practices to acquire links.

Paid Links in the Gambling Niche

With a lot of competition in the gambling industry, most website owners often opt for paid links to improve their search rankings and visibility amidst negative perceptions surrounding the industry.

Is Gambling Backlinks Buying Strategy Effective

While Google and other search engines now focus less on backlinks than before, they still utilize them to determine how to rank a site. For this reason, gambling backlinks buying is still one of the most effective SEO strategies. 

Other benefits of buying quality gambling backlinks include:

Optimize Domain Authority

Google uses domain authority as a metric to check which sites are authoritative and reputable. An authoritative site simply means one that can be trusted to provide reliable and verifiable information. High-quality casino backlinks can make your website more authoritative and trustworthy. 

Website Growth

Link building is also a great way to enhance your business’s growth. When various casino websites have links that point back to your website, search engines, including Google, will assume your site is reputable and trustworthy. This will make it perform much better on the results page, especially when your target keywords are ranked or searched. 

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

If there’s one thing that established online casinos are willing to pay for, then it’s ROI. High return on investment starts with increased web traffic, making your site rank high in the search engine. Better web traffic means more people are visiting, and they are likely to turn into customers. Once they take action and become customers, your brand will realize high returns on investment. Moreover, with the global casino online gambling market expected to grow at a rate of 11.5%, you can rest assured that casino links will be some of the most valuable links in the future.

How To Buy Casino Backlinks: Factors to Consider in Casino Link Building

Since the gambling industry is highly competitive, with various sites competing for top rank on the Google search engine, paying for casino links makes a lot of sense, especially if you are looking for the best casino link building strategy. In fact, 74.3% of link builders pay for links to rank their websites, according to AuthorityHacker. Here are some factors to consider if you are looking to buy high-quality casino links.

Choose Links With Good Domain Rating

When showcasing a backlink profile, the domain rating plays an important role. Developed by Ahrefs, this metric is believed to be more updated than domain authorities. According to studies, 42.6% of link builders depend on metrics such as Domain Rating and Domain Authority to measure the effectiveness of link building, with an outstanding site boasting a rating of 30%.

Organic Traffic Consistency

Another critical factor to consider when buying casino backlinks is the monthly visitors your site receives. To be considered a reputable casino site, the best site should receive at least 1,000 visitors every month. You can monitor your website using Ahrefs’ Organic Search to determine whether the traffic forecast has been consistent throughout the months.

No Links To Other Casinos

If a backlink has another casino linked to it, it won’t bring you any traffic. It also implies that the site does not just support you or your competitors. That said, buying links from sites with no links to other casinos is best.

Unsponsored Posts

If a website has several sponsored articles, it shows that many people pay to get their content published. Therefore, it’s important to focus on getting links from unsponsored posts, as having too many links from sponsored posts might lower your credibility score in Google.

Types of Websites You Can Use for High Quality Casino Backlinks

When buying high quality casino backlinks, there is a broad range of sites and categories you can use. You can always use software such as SEMrush and Ahrefs to scan through the backlink profiles of these websites and determine whether they are suitable for you. Some of these sites include:

Casino and Gambling Websites: Casino and gambling sites or blogs feature several real-money games, news, strategy blogs, and gambling blogs that you can link to your website. The idea is to contact them and ask whether you can buy backlinks for casino sites from them.

Gaming: These are websites that offer many card and video games, including video game blogs, card games, and other physical games you can link to.

Sports: You can also check out casino websites that offer sports, such as US sports, European sports, and sports betting. With a lot of content, you can link back to your website.

Business, Finance, and News Sites: There are several business sites that deal with stocks, finance, careers, business, and even crypto. Since these websites are major players in the casino industry, approaching them for casino SEO links can go a long way in boosting your website’s authority. 

Technology: If your casino website has an app, you can target other websites with mobile apps and ask for a link back to your site. You can also link to anything related to computer technology, general technology, or even virtual reality. 

5 Key Considerations for Crafting Your Link Building Strategy To Get Backlinks for Casino Niche Sites

Cash Reigns Supreme: Since financial resources play a vital role in casino link building, setting aside a significant budget is essential.

PR Tactics: You can use PR tactics such as press releases, newsjacking, and editorial outreach initiatives to earn backlinks for casino niche sites.

Anchor Text Intensity: Using assertive anchor text strategies and prioritizing keyword-rich phrases can also help you earn backlinks and maximize your SEO strategy.

Home Page Link Rentals: You can rent home page links by paying a monthly fee for placement on your website’s landing page.

Targeting Diverse Niches: Pursue links across a broad spectrum of niches. This diversified approach enhances the potential for successful casino link-building campaigns.

How to Secure High-Quality Backlinks for Your Casino or Online Gambling Site

Focus on Quality

When it comes to link building, quality often supersedes quantity. Unlike low-quality links, high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant sources can significantly boost your search ranking.

Content Creation

Creating innovative, relevant, and valuable content for your gambling site can help you acquire backlinks. You can use content such as guides, videos, infographics, and interactive content that naturally earns links from other sites.

Guest Posting

Guest posting to relevant casino websites can also help you secure backlinks and draw organic traffic to your pages.

Resource Page Link Building

Identify websites with resource pages listing gambling and suggest the inclusion of your backlink. 

Influencer Collaboration

Collaborating with influencers and other popular gambling websites can also help with your link acquisition strategy and ensure you develop relationships for mutual value.

Community Engagement

Connect with the gambling community through social media and other forums to cultivate natural link opportunities. By networking with professionals and providing value, you can easily acquire valuable links.

What We Recommend for Creating High Quality Casino Backlinks

When building casino links, it’s essential to focus on safety. Ensure the websites you’re purchasing links from aren’t over-saturated with links through link manipulation. That said, you need to target high-quality websites with organic traffic. Here are some of the things to adhere to for casino link building:

Domain Rating (DR): Choose websites with a minimum DR of 20 or higher so your site can easily rank in search results.

Traffic and Trends: According to Ahrefs, your chosen website should receive up to 1,000 organic visitors per month. 

Existing Links: Use the Ahrefs linked domain feature to confirm whether the website already has links.

Number of Casino Links: Check how many ‘casino’ domain names the website links to. The website should be avoided if there is an excess number of links.

Post Markings: If posts are marked ‘sponsored’ or ‘advert,’ you should exercise caution before linking.

 Sense Checks: Check the overall quality of the website by browsing various pages and confirming whether there is any spammy content or designs.

Advertising Page: Check if the website sells links for SEO, which could harm your credibility.

How to Outperform Your Competitors in Casino Link Building

To outperform your competitors, you need to:

  • Study them to understand their link-building strategies.
  • Identify and pursue link opportunities exploited by your competitors.
  • Use robust metrics to ensure the quality of your backlinks.
  • Invest in skilled writers who can seamlessly integrate links. 
  • Develop a balanced anchor text strategy inspired by successful competitors.
  • Negotiate link prices with the webmaster.
  • Utilize an unbranded email address during outreach. 
  • Maintain a steady link acquisition strategy to avoid Google penalties. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Looking To Buy Quality Gambling Backlinks

Although optimizing an online casino site is crucial for attracting and retaining visitors, many website owners make mistakes that can impact their digital presence and make them not buy quality gambling backlinks. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when buying gambling SEO links:

Avoid Spammy Links

One of the things that makes Google see websites in a bad light is the lack of quality backlinks. This means you’ll want to invest a considerable amount of money to buy high-quality backlinks to avoid spammy links, irrespective of the size of your business. Remember, competing with other websites can become more challenging if you have a small website.

Do Not Over Optimize Your Anchor Text

It would help if you avoided under-optimizing or over-optimizing your anchor text profile so you can benefit from backlinks. Instead of using generic anchor texts such as “best websites”, research your competitor’s profile to see how they use the anchor texts so you can adjust accordingly.

Do Not Buy Links From Irrelevant Sites

Avoid buying links from irrelevant sites, as they won’t help you rank your website. Make sure you only select websites that focus on online betting and other related topics so you can get the most from them. By being relevant, you’ll help search engines understand the context of your website and improve its rankings for relevant searches.


Compared to other industries, buying casino backlinks can be daunting. As a highly competitive industry, many brands invest a lot of money in the link building strategy; hence, you must be ready to spend. However, if you understand the steps and follow all the guidelines, you are likely to succeed. In that case, you’ll be on your way to buying high quality casino backlinks to help you outperform the competition and move up the search engine ranking.

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